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This week we wanted you to meet one of our great student athletes here at Pamplin, Henrik Korsgaard!

Henrik made Blacksburg his new home, just three years ago when he decided to study, not just in the U.S., but at Virginia Tech. After being recruited to play tennis here at Tech, he devoted his time to practicing and training to be a successful D1 athlete, while maintaining his studies of obtaining a business degree. Henrik knew how important tennis was to him, and if he wanted to keep playing at such a high level, then college in America would allow him to do so while also getting a great education and pushing towards advancements in his professional career.

Henrik’s Experience Studying at Pamplin

While coming to Tech with the goal of being a successful athlete, it was difficult at times to balance all aspects of his college career.

One of the biggest roadblocks Henrik faced was the various new formats of testing that he had been required to learn. To begin, even applying to colleges was a challenge, in terms of adapting to the formatting of the SAT’s and other standardized tests. He claimed that schools he had previously been enrolled in while living in Europe focused on one overall grade, rather than various tests and assignments, which took a bit of time to get adjusted to.

In addition, coming from so far away had made it difficult to settle on just one college, when he was unable to see it for himself. With the help of staff at Virginia Tech, friends, and his coaching/recruiting staff, they were able to help with the overall decision and adjustment.

Henrik states that although “there were so many options to pick from, I am thrilled with my decision and know that I made the right choice.”

Tips for Pamplin Students

  • Utilize the resources that Pamplin offers, whether it is events in the atrium, information that is emailed out to students, profession career events, or the plethora of business classes, take advantage of the opportunities and seek help when needed.
  • First, find what interests you. Take classes in that area of interest and maintain close relationships with your professors.
    • Henrik noted a very memorable entrepreneurship professor, Mike Mondry, that inspired him greatly and who he considers to be a great mentor to him.

Henrik’s Plans Post Graduation

While Henrik has a few various options, he is currently considering whether or not he will pursue a career in the U.S. or Denmark in the field of his degree, specifically in sales, or continue to play tennis at a high level. In the meantime however, he is still training intensively as an athlete, and is also studying hard for his future professional career. In addition, there is also a possibility that Henrik will go back to Denmark to seek his masters at a school in Denmark.

Fun Fact

Henrik can speak four different languages!