Tim’s Experience Studying at Pamplin

Since learning about computers since he was 3 years old, Tim’s desire to work in the software/computer field and be immersed in a whole new culture proved a reality, as he decided to study BIT at Pamplin to compliment his strengths in computers, data analysis and forecasting.

Tim did not know anyone coming in as a freshman and found it challenging to adapt to the new culture, however staying involved in campus activities helped him adjust, including holding positions like:

  • Volunteering at the Pamplin International office
  • Assisting in photography for Pamplin International
  • Global ambassador for Cranwell International Center
  • Director of programs for residential living
  • International ambassador for Pamplin

Tim admires the way that the staff of Pamplin are extremely eager to help students, especially with education and internships. 

“Pamplin International programs have been the most active office in Pamplin to actively reach out and participate in programs with other International students,” said Tim. This helped him secure an internship for BIT in France, working for the international office for partner schools.

Tips for Pamplin Students

● Stay involved in campus activities as this helped him step out of his comfort zone and ultimately promote international exchange and globalization.

Tim’s Plans Post Graduation

Tim is interested in applying to grad school through Pamplin as the BIT program is highly ranked nationwide. Tim realized his ultimate goal would be to bring back the BIT program from Pamplin, to Universities back in his home country of Taiwan.

Written by Ashley Battle

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