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Abby’s Experience

Abby has always loved to travel, and when she saw that there were opportunities to study abroad through Pamplin, she wanted to take full advantage of them. 

“I thought it would be the perfect way to travel while in school. I knew at some point I wanted to study abroad, but I decided my Freshman year was the perfect time to do it.”

Over the winter semester, she studied abroad throughout Italy — traveling to Rome, Florence, Bologna, and Milan. Abby notes that this experience has significantly impacted her time at Virginia Tech, and there are lessons that she will carry on to her professional career. 

“Studying abroad introduced me to so many new friends and got me involved in more organizations at Virginia Tech. The trip also elevated my professional communication skills and solidified what I want to do after college.”

While Abby shared countless positive experiences while studying abroad, she also noted that her trip really didn’t come with any challenges.

“I didn’t encounter any large roadblocks, but I did go into the trip only knowing one girl — and I was the only freshman on the trip. However, this allowed me to meet so many new people, and I had an amazing time!” 

When asked what her favorite memory was from her trip, Abby recalled two specific moments. 

“I had so many great memories, but I especially loved celebrating New Year’s Eve at the Coliseum and being in Milan during Fashion Week.”

Key Advice From Abby on Studying Abroad

“Branch out of your comfort zone and explore as many new things as you can. Try all the food, travel to as many cities as you can, and meet new people. It is the perfect time to learn more things about yourself.”

Abby is expected to graduate in the spring of 2023, and she hopes to work as a supply chain manager for an established retail company.