This week we want to spotlight an incredible international student here at Pamplin, Kartik Rustagi.

Kartik’s Experience Studying at Pamplin

Kartik is an international student from New Delhi, India and is currently majoring in both HTM and Theatre. While deciding on a college to go to can be difficult enough, Kartik wanted to challenge himself and go out of his comfort zone by coming to the US for higher education because of the opportunities that are available and the industrial growth that the US has to offer.

One of the biggest challenges of being an international student for Kartik was being so young, trying to figure out life in a foreign country. “ Not only do you have to adapt yourself to a new way of studying, but you’re also introducing yourself to a completely different culture .” Classes and all academic experiences are also quite different from his home country. While classes are more traditional in New Delhi, studying at Tech provided classes that were more interactive and allowed discussion to challenge your mindset on different topics. 

What made it easier for Kartik was the people and living in a living learning community, Serve through VT Engage. “ The people were so inclusive and introduced me to Tech and US traditions and culture. Now I feel confident talking to not only Americans, but all walks of life because I now know how to adapt to all different cultures. ” 

Key Takeaways From Studying in Pamplin

  • The advisors and faculty go above and beyond to support your passion and visions is the best part of studying at Pamplin
  • Pamplin offers incredible assistance and support in helping find internships and advisors help tremendously in preparation for job interview questions and positions, as well as connecting him to multiple networking opportunities

Kartik’s Plans Post Graduation

Kartik has accepted a 3 week program as a culinary intern in France of May 2020 to cook in a food festival for all of the actors and directors in attendance.

Kartik also currently has two full-time offers, including one from an internship secured through Pamplin, in which he is waiting to accept.

Written by Ashley Battle

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