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Mel’s Experience

Mel was determined to study abroad at some point during her time at Virginia Tech, even if it meant waiting until her senior year. 

“Prior to that, I hadn’t had the opportunity or found a good time to study abroad during school semesters, so a winter study abroad was the perfect fit for me. I chose a Pamplin program because the class aligned with what I was learning for my business minor.”

With her busy schedule and involvement in various organizations during the fall and spring semesters, Mel was thrilled to finally have the chance to study abroad through the winter New Zealand program.

During the two-week trip, Mel traveled to Auckland and Queenstown where she enjoyed learning about the country’s culture and business environment. New Zealand’s unique geography also makes it a key destination for ecotourism and adventure. Mel’s favorite memory was bungee jumping in Queenstown at the site of the first commercial bungee jump.

“Studying abroad was without a doubt my favorite college experience. I now know that I want to work for a company that allows me to travel internationally.”

Key Advice From Mel on Studying Abroad

“Don’t say no to any experience! By stepping out of my comfort zone I was able to immerse myself in another culture and learn a lot in the process.”

Mel graduated in May 2020 and plans to start her career in sales, or attend graduate school to further her education.

Written by Ali Monahan

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