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Would you like to be a competitive job candidate and be more successful in your career trajectory?

In today’s increasingly globalized world, domestic and international companies are looking for graduates with more than expertise in their respective fields. Companies want graduates with an understanding of history and cultures around the globe, as well as with well-developed cross-cultural communication skills and global competencies in a variety of business and non-business areas. In fact, studies of university graduates’ professional success point to the fact that more successful (and more rapidly rising to managerial positions) graduates engage in more than one global learning activity during their college studies. Further, it is very important to have various types of global experiences (including study of foreign languages and cultures) when repeated and spread throughout the entire duration of your program of study.

You can develop these skills during your studies at Pamplin. While study or internship abroad is a wonderful way to deepen your international business and cross-cultural knowledge, it is only one of the many activities that will equip you with the crucial 21st century skills.

Pamplin International Programs Office and Undergraduate Programs are here to help you discover and plan for your personal global learning skill development strategy. There is a lot to consider and here are some of the options you have to gain some of these critical skills on campus:

Become a Pamplin International Ambassador

  • Why: Great opportunity to build your resume by taking what you learned abroad and apply it to practice, allowing you to further develop skills in communication and marketing.
  • What: As an International Ambassador, you help other students explore the different Pamplin study abroad programs through sharing your takeaways and tips, as well as advising on the program selection and application process.
  • How: Applications for International Ambassadors open in early April each year. Students with study abroad experience and have a passion for promoting international learning are encouraged to apply.

Be a Pamplin Global Mentor

  • Why: You learn to communicate, lead, collaborate, and build relationships across cultures, which are skills future employers desire.
  • What: As a Global Mentor, you work closely with business international and exchange students, serving as a resource and guide to help students adjust to living in the U.S., as well as navigate the VT social and educational experiences.
  • How: Mentors are selected through a competitive application process that opens in early April each year.

Serve in the Cranwell International Center Global Ambassadors Program on campus

  • Why: Great way for you to engage in the university motto, Ut Prosim (That I May Serve), and gain invaluable leadership and intercultural experience for the future.
  • What: The Global Ambassadors program is an exciting and engaging leadership development program designed for current Virginia Tech students seeking to develop their global leadership skills. As a Global Ambassador, you are charged with welcoming new international students to the Virginia Tech community and continuing meaningful interactions with students and the community throughout the academic year.
  • How: See Cranwell International Center Global Ambassadors Program for more information.

Become a part of the Mozaiko Global Living-Learning Community

  • Why: You learn to build relationships and develop important global competencies in a global community through fun extracurricular activities, as well as insightful academic lectures and workshops. Great opportunity for you to gain cross-cultural knowledge and skills while living on-campus in a supportive, diverse environment.
  • What: Pamplin offers a specialized track—International Business and Social Innovation—within the Mozaiko Global Living-Learning Community to all university students interested in exploring the global impact of business. As a member of the community, you have the opportunity to participate in global business education events, as well as both local and global service projects. You can also get a head start on one of the two minors: International Business minor or the Global Business Practices for Improving the Human Condition.
  • How: See Mozaiko Global Living-Learning Community for application information.

Take a foreign language on campus

  • Why: Great way for you to gain a competitive edge in future employment by knowing a foreign language, while exploring a different cultural perspective.
  • What: Learning a foreign language is the key to understanding a different culture. The university offers 12 languages from which students can select.
  • How: See your academic advisor to align foreign language courses with your plan of study. More information on the different language offerings can be found at the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures.

Work as Pamplin Study Abroad Peer Advisor at the VT Global Education Office

  • Why: Exciting opportunity that allows you to use your leadership, communication, collaborative, and marketing skills in a global learning capacity.
  • What: As a Study Abroad Student Liaison, you work closely with both Pamplin International Programs and the Global Education Office to promote Pamplin study abroad opportunities to all university students.
  • How: Apply during the call for Peer Advisors. More information is available at GEO-Become a Peer Advisor.

Complete the Pamplin International Business Minor

  • Why: Minoring in international business can help you stand-out in your future job search, as corporations are looking for globally-minded employees, who can help in the development of overseas markets. You develop a global awareness of business challenges and opportunities, thus preparing you to work in diverse cultural settings.
  • What: You learn the fundamentals of conducting business practices internationally through examining global topics in marketing, business information technology, accounting, finance, management, tourism, and more.
  • How: See Global Minors for more information.

Choose an Interdisciplinary Pathway for your general education requirements – enroll in Global Business Practices for Improving the Human Condition, an interdisciplinary pathways minor (Coming in 2019)

  • Why: You gain an understanding of the impact of business practices on social change and prosperity at home and abroad, developing the ability to address complex societal issues. Great way to strengthen your knowledge in social entrepreneurship and further develop your résumé for future career opportunities.
  • What: This minor is designed to help you develop intercultural and global awareness through exploring business practices and issues in international contexts. In the final course of the minor, you use the knowledge you gained to develop a small community project with an international component.
  • How: All university students with a GPA of at least a 2.0 are eligible to enroll.