Phillips Experience

With the introduction of a new country and culture and learning about the Chinese business world, Williams attained a greater understanding of the way society in China thinks. He was able to learn the cultural business and financial side of the country, while advancing his studies and earning credit hours overseas. 

Having studied abroad, Williams perspective and goals for his future career path were “heavily influenced by the experience.” Participating in the study abroad program helped shape his personal career views and goals to become a financial advisor.

According to Williams, having studied overseas and experiencing world cultures “brings a new set of skills to the table that others may not have.”

Williams was also able to engage in and enjoy various recreational activities, including walking the streets of Beijing, sight-seeing the Chinese landscapes and shopping in Asian markets. Above all, Williams noted that his most memorable experience was being able to climb the Great Wall of China, one of the 7 famous wonders of the world.

Key Takeaways of Studying Abroad

The exposure to international cultures may be the breaking point between what sets an individual apart from the rest. With experience and knowledge gained on the international market of their study abroad program, students can learn beyond much more than just the United States’ industries, which is attractive to employers.

  • More opportunities and a wider clientele become accessible and achievable for students who study abroad

  • Students who study abroad go on to earn internships for noteworthy companies both in America and outside of the states.

  • When looking to hire, employers and businesses may look for something which stands out from the ordinary. Travelling abroad is a great way to capture employers’ attention. 

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Written by Ashley Battle

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