About the Lugano Study Abroad Program

Lugano is one of Pamplin International’s most popular study abroad programs offered in both the fall and spring semesters, including over 118 students combined from 2018 to 2019. The program allows students to travel internationally, experience new cultures, all while implementing their passions and studies into the work that they do abroad, as well as opportunities to venture into other nearby areas such as Barcelona, Spain.

“After my study abroad program, I realized that I wanted to go back to Spain because one of my weekend trips to Barcelona allowed me to realize I loved [the country],” Molina said. “I wanted to know more about Spanish culture so I applied to the full bred program, [and] I’ve accepted a grant in the Canary Islands of Spain, so I’ll be teaching there 10 months after I graduate.” 

Caseys Experience

“I knew traveling was something I was always interested in,” Molina said. “I was recommended to do a faculty led program through Pamplin. Study abroad influenced my future plans a lot,” Molina said. “I think [study abroad] widened the scope of opportunities that I felt I had through being a Journalism major.” 

Key Takeaways of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad also presents numerous advantages for employment.

“I do feel like my study abroad experience did help me have an edge in the job market,” Molina said. “A lot of times when I was interviewing with potential employers, they wanted to know about my international experience. So, I feel like that’s been an experience I’ve been able to leverage a lot.” 

In terms of advancing her career, Molina feels as though her experiences with the program have been nothing but helpful in helping her define her career path and shape her future goals. 

Molinas Top Tips for Studying Abroad

  • Plan out finances beforehand
  • Embrace the language barrier
  • Pursue the cultures you love

Written by Ashley Battle

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