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To graduate students who will enrich their workplaces and communities through a spirit of service, ethical leadership, a global mindset, and intercultural competence.

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Global Learning at Pamplin

Our learning framework reflects the latest research on best practices for international higher education and integrating global learning with a Business curriculum.  Global learning includes study abroad but also much more.  Our Global Learning Framework offers four signature programs:

Freshmen Students, Catch the Global FIRE!  (Freshmen International Research Experience)

  • You can join a group with an embedded, one-credit (3 + 1) international field experience
  • Spend up to 12 days abroad during
    • spring break,
    • end of spring term, or
    • a break in fall term.

The introductory, intercultural research skills you acquire become part of your learning outcomes and assignments for Introduction to International Business (MGT/HTM 2314).

If MGT/HTM 2314 are offered in summer or winter term, the course will be conducted almost entirely in the field abroad.

Become a Global Business Scholar

  • Complete a Pamplin-approved* study abroad that is at least 10 days and at most 4 weeks long
  • As part of the study abroad, complete an intercultural awareness research project
  • Present your project at the VT annual experiential learning conference

Become a Global Business Fellow

  • Enroll in the International Business minor
  • Complete a Pamplin-approved* learning experience that is at least 5 weeks and at most 16 weeks long. 
  • It may be a combination of
    • A study abroad + internship abroad
    • A study abroad + research project abroad
    • An internship abroad + research project abroad

Participate in the Pamplin Global Business Case Competition

Join a team and head for the annual International Student Business Case Competition at University of San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador!**

  • Three students can form a team—only one team from Pamplin may participate
  • The students must be active in the Consulting Group or enrolled in the Consulting course.
  • If more than one team at Pamplin wants to go, Pamplin will hold an internal competition. Judges will be the Consulting Club and its faculty mentor.
  • The winning team and faculty mentor will travel to Quito, Ecuador, for the competition
  • The team’s travel grant will be sponsored by Pamplin International Programs and, where possible, co-sponsored by the academic departments.

*Study abroad programs not provided by Pamplin may be eligible.
** Or another VT partner university


  • After graduation, business students who have completed these experiences stand out from the pack and are more likely to get hired. [1]
  • They are on a faster track to attain managerial roles and to create new businesses and products. [2]
  • They get higher pay. [3]

[2] and

  • Such applicants have intercultural competency skills that position them to understand the world better by being able to see it through different lenses [4]
  • They are more adept at engaging with people different from themselves and groups different from their own. [5]
  • They are more likely to understand and care about how their work and their company’s work impact communities outside the United States. [6]

[6] and

  • No, because when students participate in a Pamplin international program, the experience is directly integrated with their program of study in their major.  Thus, they do not miss any credits toward their major nor is there any delay in their timeline toward graduation.
  • Students undertaking an independent study course on a business topic may also connect their topic with international service learning research and study abroad  

Virginia Tech’s motto, Ut Prosim, means That I May Serve.  Pamplin International Programs prepares our students to engage in practices that improve the human condition by spreading sustainable business practices and increasing the respect for social and natural environments.

  • A number of our international programs are service learning programs.  Such programs have learning components that include personal reflection with a view to forming the student as a generous and effective citizen of a community, a nation, and the world.
  • The aim of Pamplin’s Office of International Programs is for Pamplin students to graduate with an understanding of how business can shape the world for good. 
  • We want students to desire, explore, and develop ways to increase not just the “bottom line” but the “triple bottom line”: revenue to their company and positive social impact and positive environmental impact.

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