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Global Freshmen International Research Experience (FIRE)

The Global Freshmen International Research Experience (FIRE) program combines the HTM/MGT 2314 course with a 1-week international experience during Spring Break or in May immediately following the end of the Spring Semester. Students will participate in a 1-credit recitation section to prepare during the semester to embark on a one-week visit to one of the chosen sites (Germany, Greece, or the Caribbean). During the international program, students will visit businesses and historical cultural sites. The in-country program will be led by a member of Pamplin. Students will gain hands-on learning of international business in a variety of intercultural settings through the embedded experience.

Eligibility and credits

  • Minimum GPA of 2.3 by the end of fall semester
  • Any students enrolled in the HTM/MGT 2314 course during fall, winter, or spring 2021-2022, regardless of their majors
  • Pamplin freshmen will be given priority

*This program will cover an elective course for Non-Business students.

Students will receive the total of 4 credits upon the completion of the HTM/MGT 2314 course and the embedded study abroad experience, which includes an additional 1-credit recitation section (HTM/MGT 3954). These courses together fulfills one of the credit requirements for the International Business minor, as well as the experiential requirement.

Application process

Students will rank their preferences of the destinations from Germany (May break), Caribbean (Spring break), and Greece (May break) in order. Students will be assigned to ONE of their three preferences based on the availability of the program. Efforts will be made to provide students with their top choice but cannot guarantee it. Should the students decide to withdrawal their applications because they are not placed on their first choice of the destination, the deposit is non-refundable.