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Spring Semester in Europe (Prague)

February 5 - May 22, 2024

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This program is offered through the European Study Abroad Center (ESAC) and the Czech Technical University (CVUT) in Prague. No tuition or student fees are paid to Virginia Tech. The program is a non-VT program due to the lack of tuition. Your program fee does include fees to CVUTfor its services.

The program will encompass the entire spring semester and will have a maximum of 40 students.

Eligible students are second-semester sophomores during the program (freshman when you apply). Pamplin students must comply with Policy 91. You must complete these required courses before the program (ACIS 1504, 2115, and 2116; ECON 2005 and 2006; MATH 1524; and BIT 2405 and 2406) with no grade lower than a C- in any of the nine courses and at least a 2.3 GPA. Any student who meets these requirements is eligible for this program.


Minimum GPA: 2.3

Sadie Fuller – Prague 2018

It was the best 3.5 months of my life and it is a trip that I will never forget. The people I met this semester are now some of my best friends and even throughout this last week since the program ended, we have all been in constant contact. This semester has made a huge impact on my life and my personal growth and I had no idea how sad I would be for it to end.

Michelle Swanson – Prague 2018

While spending 3 1/2 months traveling to 12 countries, my top experiences were attending Lollapalooza music festival in Berlin, Oktoberfest in Munich, seeing the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher…. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for this experience and how much I encourage students to study abroad during their time at Virginia Tech.

Adam Snyder – Prague 2018

Study abroad fills you with memories and experiences you can't get anywhere else. During my time abroad, I was able to go to 14 different countries over a 3-month period of time while earning 21 credits. That experience of being in a new place every weekend is something I will never forget. I was exposed to so many different cultures and learned so much about different ways of life. It taught me to be independent and how to figure things out on my own. Because of this entire semester, I found out more of who I am as a person than I ever thought I would. Now, I crave adventure, new experiences, and challenges; and it's made me want to work in new places and travel more often. It is an experience I wouldn’t change for the world and studying abroad will forever have a place in my heart. As the Czech's would say "Na zdraví!!"

Stephanie Mueller - 2012

"I studied abroad" is a sentence that few people can say, but even fewer can understand. I studied abroad. No Rick Steves check sheet, Italian phrase book, or Google web search could prepare me for the four months that lay before me as I waved goodbye to my family on August 17. But traveling isn’t about getting to the destination; it’s what you take away from it

All students must register for and take the following seven classes (21 credits) in Prague. 

  • FIN 3104 Introduction to Finance
  • FIN 4144 International Financial Management
  • MGT 3404 Principles of Management
  • MGT 4314 International Management
  • BIT 3414 Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • BIT 4474 Global Operations & Information Technology
  • Czech Language and Culture – IB minor credit; may apply to pathways committee to request Area 2 credit

Pre-requisite courses: ACIS 1504, 2115, and 2116;  ECON 2005 and 2006;  MATH 1524;  BIT 2405 and 2406 (students must not have received a C- in any of the courses)

* Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Feel free to contact Dr. Clevenger if you have concerns about being able to take all courses.

DEADLINE: October 1

Contact Information

Dr. Jennifer Clevenger
1046 Pamplin Hall

Ellie Walters
1046 Pamplin Hall
(540) 231-3208