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Europe: Business and Culture in Europe

Tentative Dates:  May 15 - June 14, 2023

Prague, Czech Republic; Innsbruck and Salzburg, Austria; Rome, Pompeii, Venice, Florence, Sienna, Bolzano Italy; Berlin, Munich and Nuremberg, Germany; Amsterdam, Netherlands

Salzburg gardens
Nuremberg market

The Business and Culture in Europe Study Abroad Program visits many of the most popular cities in Europe. This 31-day journey offers you a unique and rewarding experience. Professors Matheson and Teets lead the program to major cities plus some of their own favorite places. Teets and Matheson have many years of study abroad experience all over the world.

Prior to departure, students must attend 4-6 contact hours on campus at Virginia Tech. We will visit Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and the Netherlands during our travels. The complete list of cities is on the travel page.

Purpose of Program

  • Compare business practices and approaches among the countries visited and the United States.
  • Explain the cultural differences between European countries and the United States
  • Explain differences in pricing and products between Europe and home.
  • Discuss the importance of cultural/heritage sites in each country visited.
  • Discuss the immersion into different cultures and interaction with multiple nationalities as it impacts your experience and the role of an American student in a global stage.
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Contact Information

Lance Matheson
Business Information Technology
2072 Pamplin

Dr. Jay Teets
Business Information Technology
2076 Pamplin

Ellie Walters
1046 Pamplin Hall
(540) 231-3208