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Australia: International Business in Australia

Tentaive travel dates: December 30, 2022-January 15, 2023


This course looks to bring together multiple international business schools to pool resources and work collaboratively to enable a richer experience for the faculty and students coming to Australia. Dr. Nigel Bairstow, University of Technology Sydney, will deliver the class lectures in the program. The program also includes company visits and guest speakers. 

The Program has the following components:

  • Lectures on Asia-Pacific business 
  • Visits to historic and cultural sites
  • Company visits 
  • Explore Sydney, Australia

After completion of the program, you should be able to:

  • Describe the history and developments of international business in the Asia Pacific Region.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of environmental factors that impact international business in the Asia Pacific Region.
  • Appraise the opportunities and threats arising from conducting international business in the Asia Pacific Region.
  • Show an understanding of how to formulate and implement an international business strategy in an Asian business context.
  • Identify and explore emerging issues in international business in the Asia Pacific Region.

Undergraduates will receive credit for BIT 3954 and graduate students for BIT 5954 Study Abroad. This course can also be substituted for the Area 7 requirement. These credits count as elective credits and help to complete the requirements of Pamplin’s International Business Minor.

Students must keep a journal and record their observations on cultural differences between Australia and the US. Students must write a 5-page reflection paper on their experiences after the trip. Participation in all activities of the program is required.


Each student must have a valid passport from their home country. You can apply for a passport in Squires Student Center.

Check with your family physician or country health department to see if you need vaccinations.

These sites have additional information:


You will be living in a hotel room for 15 days. Do not try to take your entire wardrobe with you. You may bring a 22” (carry-on size) suitcase or medium-size backpack. This is the standard size bag for short study abroad programs. You will check the bag for the flight. The airlines limit the weight of your luggage so pack light. The suggested packing list will help you choose what to take.

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  • BIT 3954 or BIT 5954
  • Three Credit Hours

Contact Information

Laurel Travis
2071 Pamplin Hall 
(540) 231-2712

Ellie Walters
1046 Pamplin Hall
(540) 231-6602