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Pathways Minor in Global Business Practices to Improve the Human Condition

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Any student at Virginia Tech can put Ut Prosim into action by completing the Minor in Global Business Practices (GBP) to Improve the Human Condition. This interdisciplinary minor will teach students how to address societal issues using sound business practices in an international setting. The GBP minor was designed for any Virginia Tech student with a GPA of at least 2.0.

Pathways Concepts

3 - Reasoning in the Social Sciences
5f – Quantitative and Computational Thinking
7 - Critical Analysis of Equity and Identity in the United States

Integrative Concepts

Ethical Reasoning
Intercultural and Global Awareness


The 21-credit minor in Global Business Practices to Improve the Human Condition includes 12 credits of required core courses, 6 credits of elective courses concentrating in either the social change or prosperity track, and a 3 credit capstone experience.

  1. Required core courses – (12 credits) The following four courses must be completed:
    • HTM/MGT 2314 International Business
    • ECON 2005 Principles of Economics
    • BIT/MGT 2404 Multicultural Problem Solving and Analytics
    • ECON 3034 Poverty and Discrimination
  2. Track courses – (6 credits) Follow either the Social Change Track or Prosperity Track. One course must be a Reasoning in the Social Sciences- pathways course for students that wish to complete a pathways minor.
    • 6 credits chosen from the track course lists
  3. Capstone experience – (3 credits) Choose one of the following:
    • XXX 3954 Specified study abroad programs (3)
    • XXX 4973 Independent Study (3)
    • XXX 4994 Undergraduate Research (3)

All capstone experience must have approval from Pamplin International Programs and contain an experiential social change or prosperity component with a global focus. The experience may be local or international.

Complete the Global Business Practices to Improve the Human Condition Minor application and return to Pamplin 1046, or email with the scanned copy of the application. Decisions will be made throughout the year and applicants should receive a response in writing within seven to ten working days.

GBP Power Point 2020-Final.pptx
Pathways Minors Flyer.pdf

GBP Minor Capstone Opportunities:

A capstone experience is the culmination of your GBP Minor requirements. This experience may be completed through a study abroad program, internationship with human conditions factors, or through a project you create stateside. Whatever option you choose, it must be pre-approved by the Director of Global Study Abroad in Pamplin.

For your convenience, below are a few study abroad and internship options available. More will be added as they are created. You may also discuss with the Director any study abroad or stateside program that you believe fits the capstone.


This program is designed to give you exposure and understanding of issues of sustainability and the human condition. Austria and Moldova is a strong capstone option because of the rates of poverty and homelessness, as well as the countries’ unique solutions to these problems.

May 20-31, 2021

Dominican Republic (Puerto Plata): Service Learning in the ominican Republic:

The Dominican Republic and Haiti are bordering countries with Haiti being the poorer of the two. Thus, the DR receives many Haitian immigrants. During this week abroad, you will partner with Project Esperanza (Hope) helping immigrants develop small businesses, improve their access to markets, web presence and overall operations.

March 5-13, 2021

Lugano: Creating Sustainable Social Change

You will spend four weeks of this semester abroad participating in an experiential learning project on Ethiopia or Rwanda. Your project will depend on the needs of our non-profit partner organizations in Africa. You will collaborate with local schools to develop curricula in areas such as ESL, basic computer and programming skills, US culture and professional development.

Fall Semester 2021

Senegal: Youth and Development

This is a transdisciplinary service-learning experience in Senegal, West Africa, in partnership with 4-H Senegal, focused on youth development in relation to social entrepreneurship, technological innovation, agricultural value chains, community and economic development and culture.

Spring Semester (2-8 weeks) 2021

Project-based Internships

Campus B

Positive Impact Internship 2022

Students will work with organizations working to make a difference in the world, while serving as an opportunity to have a positive impact by increasing student accessibility to global experiences. The program is open to all students; however, this program offers scholarships to underrepresented students in order to ensure more voices and perspectives are heard in solutions that will help move the world forward.

Students are divided into small groups and paired with Brazilian organizations or companies to work on a project. Each team is composed of 5-7 students, with some Brazilian students on each team. This no only challenges students to improve their intercultural communication skills, but also helps participants better understand the local contexts. In addition, the teams will be composed of students from a variety of different majors. Having a broad range of disciplines represented in this program contributes to the richness of solutions that students are able to develop.


You have various options from which to choose with EmzingoU. From Impact Learning Treks, Semester-long Social Impact Courses and Global Impact Internships, you will be inspired through direct exposure to social entrepreneurship, impact investment, corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability and cultural immersion, depending on the route you take. Some routes are offered in-person or virtually. Check out their website for more information.


Students have powerful applied learning experiences that take their education out of the classroom and into opportunities for making an impact. They have customized programs for sustainable development that shapes engaged global citizens, provides real-world education and makes a real-time impact. VIsit their website for more information.

Need Help?

Dr. Jennifer Clevenger, Director of Global Study Abroad
Pamplin 1046
(540) 231-6602