Spain: Business, Culture, and Leadership in Spain

Tentative Dates: December 27, 2018 - January 13, 2019


This 17-day program visits a wide range of sites and cities in Spain. We will see some large cities like Barcelona, where we will spend New Year's Day in Madrid. Staying in smaller towns, Valencia and Granada will allow us to get closer to the history and culture of Spain. In addition, we will visit Peratallada in Catalonia.  We will have walking tours, and visits to castles, museums, mosques, churches and remnants of Moorish and Roman history. Regular business visits will help us understand how business is done in Spain and Europe. You will be given plenty of free time to explore on your own and take in all the cities have to offer, and to practice your Spanish!!

This program also has a leadership focus. We will discuss various leadership philosophies and styles and how they might differ in Spain from the US. Learning new perspectives will help you work on developing your own leadership philosophy. Seniors will receive practical experience leading student teams. 

Dave Bluey is a faculty member in the Management Department and has held significant leadership positions with a large pharmaceutical company. He has also traveled extensively throughout Spain and is familiar with the country’s various cultures. 

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Undergraduates receive 3 credits for MGT 3954 Study Abroad, and graduate students for MGT 5954 Study Abroad. This course can also be substituted for the Area 7 requirement. These credits count as elective credits and help to complete the requirements of Pamplin’s International Business Minor.

Students must write a journal or blog of their experiences. You will write about the sights you see and the companies you visit. Keeping a journal and completing observations on cultural differences between Spain and the US is required. Participation in all activities of the program is required.


Each student must have a valid passport from their home country. You can apply for a passport in Squires Student Center.

You should insure that you have the proper vaccinations for this program. This can be done through a county health department or your family physician. Your family physician usually does not have the more specialized vaccines and should refer you to the county health department. You can see a list of recommended vaccinations and other health information at the CDC travel website.

These sites have additional information:


It will be cool to cold in Spain in winter. Plan to layer outer clothes to allow for weather fluctuations. Warm wool socks and sturdy walking shoes will serve you best.

Electric Appliances
Spain uses 220 volt, 50 HZ electricity. Your standard USA hair dryers, curling irons, shavers and battery chargers may not work unless you bring a transformer. You should check that your computer and any electronics that you take will work on 220 V/50Hz current. The program will provide plug adapters to change U.S. to European plugs.

Spain Packing List.pdf


We will travel as a group to and from Spain. This is the tentative schedule, but it does include plenty of free time to explore, relax and shop on your own.

Date Day Location Activity
27-Dec Thurs   Depart for Spain from D.C.
28-Dec Fri Barcelona Arrive Barcelona, explore
29-Dec Sat Barcelona Visit Bodegas Torres Winery, La Familia Sagrada
30-Dec Sun Barcelona Visit Monsereat
31-Dec Mon Barcelona Visit Pastoret,  New Year's Eve at Font Magica de Montjuic
1-Jan Tues Peratallada Peratallada, Catalonia
2-Jan Wed Barcelona Visit Park Guell, Port of Barcelona
3-Jan Thurs Valencia Port, American Sailing Cup
4-Jan Fri Valencia Central Market of Valencia, L'Oceanografic
5-Jan Sat Valencia Lonja de la Seda, travel to Granada
6-Jan Sun Granada La Alhambra
7-Jan Mon Granada Tour the Cervezas Alhambra pale lager production facility
8-Jan Tues Toledo Explore Toledo
9-Jan Wed Madrid Travel to Madrid, Palacio Real, Flamenco dinner show
10-Jan Thurs Madrid Business visit to Endesa, Cultural Exchange with IE students
11-Jan Fri Madrid Business visit, Tour Google Campus, Centro de Arte Reina Sofia
12-Jan Sat Madrid Museo del Prado
13-Jan Sun   Depart for D.C.

Once you are accepted into the program you will be charged a $500 program deposit. This fee is non-refundable, unless for some unforeseeable reason the trip is cancelled. You will be billed by Virginia Tech for the balance of the program fee, which is due on October 10.

Cost Summary (estimated)
Pre-trip Personal Costs:  In-State   Out-of-State 
Passport  $               135.00  $               135.00
Pamplin billing:  $            4,430.00  $            4,430.00
Airfare  Included   Included 
Lodging   Included   Included 
Required group travel  Included   Included 
Medical Insurance  Included   Included 
VT tuition:  $            1,206.00  $            2,998.00
Funds required during program:  
Books & Materials  $                      -    $                      -  
Meals not provided  $               460.00  $               460.00
Personal Expenses  $               100.00  $               100.00
Total Estimated Costs  $          6,331.00  $          8,123.00

Virginia Tech reserves the right to make cancellations, date and cost adjustments, and other necessary changes in the program. Prices may change due to global economic conditions.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Your financial aid eligibility can apply to this program. You must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the University Financial Aid Office.

In addition, you must submit the study abroad cost documentation form to the Global Education Office at the International Afffairs building, 526 Prices Fork Road, room 131.  The form can be found on the Global Education Financial Aid page.

Due to prepayment on items such as air and lodging, billing may not be in sync with financial aid payouts. Please be prepared to pay costs in advance, and be reimbursed with any payouts later.


Apply HERE! 

This link will  take you to the VT Global Education site, when available.  Click the "Apply Now" button and follow the instructions. There are a couple steps in the process. Be sure to complete the online Study Abroad Academic Review Form and Study Abroad Application. There is also a conduct check waiver form. These are all required before your application is accepted.


DO NOT WAIT TO APPLY FOR OR RENEW YOUR PASSPORT.  If your passport expires before July 14, 2018 - start your renewal now.

Once you are accepted into the program you will be charged a $500 program deposit. This fee is non-refundable, unless for some unforeseeable reason the trip is cancelled. You will be billed by Virginia Tech for the balance of the program fee, which is due on October 10.


All applications are due no later than October 1. You will be accepted as the applications are received and deposit paid.

Student Conduct and Honor System Records

We will review your student conduct and honor system records once you apply. We take any violation of university policies very seriously. We may not accept you if you have conduct suspensions or probations. We may also remove you from the program if you receive a suspension or probation (of any kind) before the end of the program.

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