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Italy: Business and Culture in Italy

December 26, 2022-January 13, 2023

VT in Italy

Our focus will be on luxury businesses in Italy, although we will visit a variety of other businesses, too. We will focus on food and wine, fashion houses, and transportation. We will begin our travels in Rome, with a side trip to Vatican City, continue on to Florence, Bologna and Milan.  We will have a number of side trips to various other locations. Along the way, we will visit many of the cultural sites and art museums for which Italy is so well known.

This study abroad program is intended to give students exposure and experience to European culture and the business environment in Italy. The country of Italy has been of vital interest to the United States for many years, as a trading partner and producer of luxury goods. This program will provide the students an opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of the main drivers of the Italian economy: food and wine, luxury products, and art and culture.
The major component of the program is to experience business and economics in Italy, and by extension, Europe. We will visit a variety of businesses, and have lectures/tours by business professionals. Particular emphasis will be on companies that produce luxury goods. Students will also gain cultural competency through visiting historical sites and museums, such as the Vatican and the Duomo.

Students will stay in a hotel in the city center of each of our destinations: Rome, Florence, Bologna, and Milan. We will travel by plane to and from the United States. The rest of our travels will be by motor coach and train.

Director of Global Study Abroad

Jennifer Clevenger
1046 Pamplin Hall

Ellie Walters
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