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China and Taiwan: Global Explorations in Chinese Business and Culture

Tentative Dates: July 15 - August 13, 2023

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Global Explorations in Chinese Business and Culture is an experiential study abroad program in traveling throughout China and Taiwan. The program will visit various areas of China: Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing, before moving to Taiwan to visit Taipei and Tainan.

Beijing is the city with the most government influence. Some businesses that we will visit include PlugandPlay and Hejun Consulting Group. We will also visit Tsinghua University and Beijing Language and Culture University to talk with current students. Walking on the Great Wall and visiting the Forbidden City are among the cultural sites we will explore.

Shanghai is considered a SAR (special administrative region), and is the largest city in China, as well as the most influential economic, finance, and trade center in East China. This modern city intertwines eastern and western cultures. Shanghai business visits will include a Disney Resort case study, Coca Cola, SAIC-GM, Chinaccelerator, and Yakult. While in Shanghai, we will visit the fabric market and talk to Jack & Candy about their custom clothing business. You may want to save a little money to get a custom made suit or dress. We will visit the YuYuan Gardens and ascend the Financial Tower as some of our cultural visits.

Nanjing is part of the Economic and Technological Development Zone, where foreign direct investment is encouraged. It is also home to China’s largest inland river harbor, handling nearly 10 million tons of goods for foreign trade. While in Nanjing, we will visit Bosch Auto, Nanjing Yindu Advertising, and Suning to discuss their business practices.  We will also visit Nanjing University and have lunch with local students. We will visit many cultural sites, including Zhongshan Mountain National Park and Xuanwu Lake.

Visiting Taiwan will give students some insight on cultural differences, and lessons on proper business practices between China and Taiwan. 

Throughout the entire program, we will be meeting with local universities. We will participate in case studies and workshops discussing various aspects of Chinese business. We will meet with Pamplin alumni both formally and informally. We will gain cultural competency through visits to history and art museums, as well as various dining customs experiences.


Students will stay in a hotel in the city center of each of our destinations. We will travel as a group by plane to and from the United States. Our group travels in country will be by train and airplane between cities. We will use local transportation within cities and between islands (buses, trains, boats, gondolas and ferries).

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