A Semester at the University of St. Andrews

St.  Andrews 600-year celebration
St. Andrews
Walking on the wall

Spring Semester (Candlemas) January - May
Fall Semester (Martinmas) September - December

15 VT Credits per semester for 3 courses at St. Andrews


  • Prepare for a wide range of careers in management in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.
  • Travel and experience new traditions and cultures before you graduate.
  • Special admission arrangements for Virginia Tech students who qualify*

*Minimum GPA: 3.2, approval of VT program advisor, Prerequisite: MGT 3304


The University


The Town

  • East coast of Scotland
  • 50 miles North of Edinburgh
  • Excellent road and rail links
  • Population of 20,000 (including students)
  • Beautiful beaches, historic buildings and golf courses
  • Dozens of cafés and boutique shops


SEMESTER   Application Deadline to VT Application Deadline to St. Andrews
Spring (Candlemas) January - May   October 15 October 31
Fall (Martinmas) September-December   April 1 April 15

For more info:

You can choose from a variety of exciting courses that count for required credit at VT for you as an international student. You must pass the courses, but your grades are not included in your GPA. You should expect three courses per semester to represent a full course load, with each of the courses listed below entailing 200 notional hours of learner effort.   

Check here to see when each course below is offered.


Topic Counts as VT credits
MN 4213 Human Resources Management MGT 3334 3
MN 4227 Corporate Social Responsibility, Accountability & Reporting MGT 4334 3
MN3102 Organization  Studies   MGT Elective 3 (Each)
MN4214 Management  of  ChangeMN4238 Sustainable Development  and Management
MN4243 Philanthropy  and  Philanthropreneurs: The  Business  of  Doing  Good
MN4244 Behavioral  Decision  Making
MN 3010 Corporate Finance and Control (Pre: FIN 3104) FIN 3154 3
MN 3126 International Business MGT 3314 3
MN 4263 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development MGT 4064 3
MN4235  Public  Sector  Management MGT Elective 3 (Each)
MN4241 Knowledge  Work:  Practice  and  Context
MN4266 Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs):  Contexts,  Contributions,  and Challenges
MN 4244 Consuming Culture MKTG 4644 3
MN 4242 Advertising and Marketing Communications MKTG 4304 3

Participating in study abroad does not allow a student any exceptions to meeting Policy 91 requirements. It is the student's responsibility to understand Pamplin's specific Policy 91 requirements, which may be viewed at www.undergrad.pamplin.vt.edu/advising/policy91.html. Graduate credit for these courses is also available (with additional requirements).For more information about each course, see

The cost of attendance was updated in August 2017 using the current exchange rate (exchange rate and costs are subject to change). The figures in the table are for guidance only and may be used by US students applying for loans.  More details on costs are available here .

Deadline for Applications: October 15th for Spring  and April 1st for Fall

Cost Summary (estimated)

Category of Cost GBP cost per semester USD cost per semester

Tuition (based on 2017-18 rates)



Catered residence fees


$ 3828*- $5469**

Books and materials


$ 357

Student Visitor visa


$  121

Personal / living expenses


$ 2162

Travel to St. Andrews (one round trip)


$ 1300

Health insurance (four months)


$  140

Total estimated costs



*Standard catered, shared, Fall Semester

**En-suite catered, single, Spring Semester

A COMPARISON: Only about $1920*-$3561** more than VT out-of-state student costs for the experience of a lifetime!

Virginia Tech reserves the right to make cancellations, date and cost adjustments, and other necessary changes in the program. Prices may change due to global economic conditions.

Management 3304 is a prerequisite, before traveling to St. Andrews. Students must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.2 to be eligible.  Approval of your VT program advisor is required.  An interview is required prior to application.  Contact Reed Kennedy at kennedyr@vt.edu.

Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis once all paperwork is completed. Go to the VT Global Education site for the program and complete the application process. Click the "Apply Now" button and follow the instructions.


Orientation is a critical part of your St Andrews experience. You should plan to arrive in St Andrews at the start of Orientation for the semester that you are enrolled. Detailed information on when and how to get to St. Andrews is available here.

Each student must have a valid passport from their home country. You can apply for a passport at the Blacksburg Post Office (540-552-2751) at the University Mall with appointment or at the Montgomery County Clerk's Office at the Christiansburg Courthouse (540-382-5760), no appointment required. You can get passport photos at most local pharmacies.

You should insure that you have the proper vaccinations for this program. This can be done through the University's recommended travel clinic (Intravene), a county health department, or your family physician. Your family physician usually does not have the more specialized vaccines and should refer you to the county health department. You can see a list of recommended vaccinations and other health information at the CDC travel website.

These sites have additional information: