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India/Dubai : Business, Culture and Leadership in India and the UAE

Travel dates : December 31, 2021 - January 15, 2022

Dubai buildings
Gold jewelry vendor
The Taj Mahal

Business, Culture, and Leadership in India and the UAE  is a 16 day Winter program. The purpose is to provide an educational experience on business, culture, and cross-cultural leadership specifically in India & the UAE. We will visit various types of businesses, domestic and multi-national, to gain insight into how business is done in this area of the World. Visits to numerous cultural and historical sites will help students gain an appreciation of these South Asian & Middle Eastern cultures, and provide opportunities to cross cultural barriers. The program also has a cross-cultural leadership component where students examine various leadership approaches and styles to compare the context and philosophy of leadership styles across cultures and to help formulate their own leadership philosophy. Wrapped together, this study abroad is intended to provide a personal growth experience where students become more internationally and culturally competent and confident.

This program is intended for business undergraduate majors from any class level, freshmen to senior. The program can also accommodate non-business majors, and graduate students can be accepted with the condition of additional assignments.

Credit received, MGT 3954/5954, fulfills substitutions for Area 3 (Social science) or Area 7 (Global). It will also satisfy one of the course requirements for the Business Leadership minor, as well as the International business minor. 

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