Languages available at VT

Program director:  Dr. Nadine Sinno,
Minor in Arabic
Study abroad: program in Oman (director, Dr. Ragheda Nasssereddine,

Advisor:  Dr. Jacqueline Bixler,
Minor in Chinese Studies
Study abroad:  available through the Chinese Language Institute in Guilin, China

Program director:  Dr. Corinne Noirot,
Major and minor as well as minor in Business French and MA available
Study abroad:  Paris (director, Dr. Corinne Noirot,
Senegal (director, Dr. Medoune Gueye, )

Program director:  Dr. Esther Bauer,
Major and minor available
Intensive Courses:  GER 1114, 6 cr. offered in Spring (covers GER 1105 and 1106 in one semester);
GER 2114, 6 cr. offered in the summer.
Study abroad:  Berlin (director, Dr. Mike Layne,
Darmstadt (contact Dr. Stoudt,

Program Director: Dr. Melissa Coburn,
Minor in Italian
Study abroad:  Bologna (director, Dr. Melissa Coburn,

Advisor:  Dr. Jacqueline Bixler,
Minor in Japanese Studies
Study abroad:  Kyoto (director, Yasuko Kumazawa, )

Program director:  Dr. Andrew Becker,
Minor in Latin
Recommended for pre-law and pre-med students
Study abroad: Rome (director, Dr. Andrew Becker,

Program director:  Dr. Nyusya Milman-Miller,
Major and minor available.
Intensive Courses:  RUS 1114 6 cr. (covers RUS 1105 and 1106 in one semester); RUS 2114, 6 cr. (covers RUS 2105 and 2106)
Study abroad:  Latvia (director:  Dr. Robert Efird,

Program director:  Dr. Aarnes Gudmestad,
Major and minor as well as MA available.
Intensive Course:  SPAN 1114, 4 cr. Offered in Spring (covers 1105 and 1106)
Study abroad:
Oviedo, Spain: Dr. Sarah Sierra,
Madrid, Spain: Nancy López-Romero,
Camino de Santiago, Spain:  Dr. Annie Hesp,
Quito, Ecuador:  Dr. Catalina Andrango-Walker,