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WHU- Otto Beisheim School of Management

The purpose of this study abroad program is to give students an opportunity to interact with the German culture in one of Germany's top internationally oriented business schools. Not only does WHU provide a tranquil and beautiful campus but it also gives students an opportunity to interact with other students and companies from around the world. WHO hosts about 1,400 international students and having other students from around the world provides different perspectives on how to tackle different business strategies and management.

An add-on paid internship maybe available for students who attend in Spring semester.


Vallendar is located in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a 65km stretch of the 1,230km Rhine River. With its castles, historic towns, towering vineyards, and steep slopes, this section of the river has been awarded UNESCO world heritage site status. Major cities are dotted along the banks, and Koblenz marks the meeting of the rivers Rhine and Moselle. Perfectly placed, Vallendar and its surrounding area offer plenty to see and do.

Class format: Lectures, seminars and exercises

Class size: 30 to 40 students

Examination types: Exams, papers, cases, presentations and participation

Attendance: Mandatory

Workload: Varies, arrange for credit transfer prior to departure

100% of courses in the undergraduate and graduate programs are taught in English, with 20% of the undergraduate courses also taught in German.

Click here to find the online Course Guide for WHU

You will pay Virginia Tech tuition studying at another university.

A student’s cost of living will be approximately 1200 € per month, depending on their free time activities (e.g. travelling, eating out, using sports facilities, visiting concerts and clubs).

  • Accommodation: between 530 € and 600 € 
  • Mobile Phone: 30 €
  • Food: 150 € 
  • Laundry: 20 €
  • Local transportation: 85 € (monthly bus ticket)
  • Health Insurance: between 40 and 80 € 
  • Miscellaneous (leisure activities): 300 €


  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.3

Application Process

Click the "Apply Now" button and follow the instructions. The application requirements of the program include the following:

  • GEO: Study Abroad Application Fee Payment
  • Required Signature Documents
  • Online Submissions (Application Essays, Proposed Course List, Proposed Exchange Sites, Unofficial Transcript)
  • Letter of Recommendation

All requirements should be complete and submitted by the deadline. Only nominated students from the Virginia Tech Global Education Office (GEO) can proceed to fill out the Otto Beisheim School of Management's application. Information will be provided upon nomination to the program.

Fall Semester Application Deadline: February 15
Spring Semester Application Deadline: September 15

All interested students need to apply through the GEO website and must meet with Dr. Jennifer Clevenger ( to discuss class schedules and credit transferring. 

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