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Global Mentors

Global Peer mentors serve to help incoming International students adjust to academic life not only at a new University, but in a new Country as well. By providing positive academic, professional, and social environments outside of the classroom, we hope that new students are able to receive support on campus and make the most of their time abroad. Students participating in the Global Mentoring Program will also be given the opportunity to attend a series of professional workshops sponsored by the PUMP program. These professional workshops will cover information that will help students develop their professional skills, and will include topics such as building your brand, networking, and interviewing. 

Becoming a global peer mentor

As a Global Peer Mentor, students will work closely with Pamplin International and Exchange students, serving as a resource and guide to help students adjust to living in the U.S., as well as help navigate the VT social and educational experiences.

Mentors coordinate social activities with their own mentee group, and will also work together with other student mentors to help facilitate one cultural activity open to all Global Peer Mentees each month. The time commitment varies depending on the student’s number of mentees, but on average will require one to two hours per week. 


  • Conduct monthly check-ins (online, test, email or in person) with each mentee
  • Serve as a positive role model and initial point of contact for incoming International students
  • Attend mandatory monthly mentor meetings
  • Attend mandatory mentor training (At the end of the semester and before the first day at class)
  • Participate and help organize program-wide events (welcome event, international orientation, etc.)


Global Peer Mentors have the opportunity to:

  • Build close relationships with new students
  • Engage in cultural exchange without leaving Blacksburg
  • Develop interpersonal skills and learn about personal and professional leadership
  • Become recognized as a student leader
  • Gain experience in event planning and management